Welcome to the 

future of Banking

The Private Self-Banking for your Financial Freedom.


Get your financial freedom 

Earn up to 15% interest per week
and Fire your Boss.

Max supply 

26,000 B26

Liquidity locked

6 Months (Unicrypt)

Liquidity on

Uniswap V2 (B26/ETH)


The First Private
Self-Banking App
for USDC

No Middlemen. No Bank.
It's time to switch to Self-Banking
and Fire your Banker.



You’ll love Self-Banking

B26 is not a Bank. It’s Self-Banking.
The ultimate DeFi experience based on a
new kind of saving (B26 Staking) and a
non-custodial wallet, helping you to get
back control of your money in real-time.

Open yours in seconds right from your
smartphone, and start spending your USD
Coin (USDC), the world's leading dollar
digital stablecoin.